Expana is a company that builds companies.

We are AWS for building companies. We provide the infrastructure to build and scale a company.

We invest cash, talent, network and resources such as marketing, sales, tech, product management, legal, accounting, etc. 

Once a new product gets to market fit, we move that project into a separate enterprise and scale it into a high-value company.

Scaling projects:

  • Advokatami.bg – legal services with a push of a button.
  • Instahost – Short-term rental management and real estate fund.
  • Pravatami.bg – Non-profit, promoting legal rights and active citizenship.
  • Anagami – easy and affordable accounting for the small business.
  • Empeka – wholesale trading of T-shirts and other Stedman products.
  • Neyko Nenov Foundation – Non-profit doing work in sports and education. 


  • Cloud accounting web and mobile app.
  • Future education for 5-7 years old.
  • E-commerce for essential products.
  • ICO platform.
  • No-brand products selling direct to consumers.  

Wanna know more about current or future projects? Shot me an email at s.n.nenov @ gmail.com to find out more.

Stanimir Nenov, founder

P.s. We’re hiring! We are looking for:

  • project managers
  • product managers
  • marketing – junior and experts
  • sales
  • executive assistants